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Bible Study

Our Bible Study teaches all the Bible in an engage way to help spiritual growth and the understanding of God through His Word.  

CARITAS Ministry 

CARITAS is the largest provider of homeless services in the Metro Richmond area. As the issues involved in homelessness become more complex, so do the solutions required to address them. CARITAS is unique in that it fills the gaps in the homeless services system so that people in crisis can find stability in their lives now and in the future.

Couples Ministry

Our Couples Ministry is to bring the married couples together in the church to fellowship, share and strengthen other Christian couples.  

Deacon's Ministry

Our Deacon’s Ministry support our pastor in his mission and vision for the church.  

Deaconess Ministry

Our Deaconess Ministry support the deacons and the pastor of the church.   

Finance Ministry

Our Finance Ministry ensures the financial obligations of the church.

Homeless Ministry

Our Homeless Ministry providing food and other resources to the homelessness in the community to help improve the quality of their lives.

Hospitality Ministry

Our Hospitality Ministry works together during church programs to welcome members, guests and friends to encourage fellowship and their worship experience.


Media and Technology Ministry 

Our Media Ministry keeps our congregation informed through the church website and social media platforms. Operates the video cameras and equipment used for Sunday Worship Service and live streaming.

Men's Ministry

Our Men's ministry bring our men together to help strengthen the leadership in the church, serve the needs of the congregation and community.

Missionary Ministry

Our Missionary Ministry reaching out to our members through all communication needs. 

Music Ministry

Our Music ministry consists of a Male Choir, Mass Choir, Senior Choir, Voices of Praise Gospel Choir, and Youth Choir.

Planning Committee

Our Church Planning Committee is an integral part of the planning process for the church.  The committee is responsible for making sure the church calendar is updated and coordinate with church leaders of each ministry for planning yearly events.  

Scholarship Fund

Our Scholarship Fund is to provide assistance to our eligible members with the cost of educational expenses while they pursue a college degree.  We also support our preschool, elementary, middle and high schoolers for always striving to do their best.  

Senior Citizens

Our Senior Citizens Ministry is a fellowship program where our senior actively support our older adults in the church. 

Singles Ministry

Our Singles Ministry provides the opportunity for single people in the church to support one another and engage in fellowship.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School Ministry provides the Christian education by our Christian leaders to inspire and challenge our members to think and learn, experience and put our faith into action.

The Light 

Our church newsletter keeping members updated on church events.


Ushers Ministry

Our Ushers Ministry is an important part of our church worship service.  Our ushers greet and welcome all for a great worship and hospitality experience.  

Women's Fellowship Ministry

Our Women’s Fellowship Ministry empowers women to grow together in Christ and build up HIS kingdom.  Teaching women Bible-based lessons so they can grow personally and spiritually. To find their God-given talents so we can be a blessing to others.


Willing Workers

Our Willing workers Ministry support each other for a blessing to worship God by helping renew, support and provide to maintain the church environment.

Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry engage our young people in Christian faith and welcome them fellowship with one another. 

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